Web Development Contractor

Liquid Apogee Designs has been a web development contractor since 1997. We offer a wide range of specialized web design services. Developing internet applications in ASP, PHP, JSP, and Perl is our strength.

There are several things to consider when selecting a web development contractor. Following is a list of 10 questions to use when interviewing a web development firm. Make sure you feel comfortable with the answers you get.

  1. How large is your web development company?
  2. How many years have you been building websites?
    Liquid Apogee has been developing web pages since 1997.
  3. How many solutions have you developed?
  4. You can often gauge how experienced a web development contractor firm is by how many internet application solutions they have developed. These include the often challenging e-commerce web solutions.
  5. What are your core web development strengths?
  6. Where can I see samples of your previous web design work?
  7. Do you have a formal process that all projects go through?
    This is important. A key step in the web development process is documentation and testing. Without adequately documenting your web design requirements, you can never be sure that your requirements have been met. A formal test plan and test plan report is a must.
  8. What is the client role in the web development process?
  9. How will you provide communication to me throughout development of my web site?
    Exceptional web development firms provide status on design projects very frequently. Insist on frequent statusing of the web site design and development project.
  10. Do I own the code used to create my website?
    Some web development contractors maintain rights to portion or all of the web site designs they provide. While this may be acceptable to you, you should know what you are and what you are not paying for.
  11. Will I be able to make changes to my site myself?
    When the web site is completed, who will be making updates as time goes by? This is an important thing to know and agree upon early in the process of developing your web site.


Many other questions can be asked. Explore our Web Design Articles for more things to consider in your web development process.

Our Web Development Contractor Prices

Our web development and programming prices range from just a few hundred dollars for a template type web site design, to a few thousand dollars for custom programmed, database driven designs.

Please contact us so we can get to work on your site immediately.