Hosting Cheap Web Packages

Hosting cheap web packages is a booming industry on the internet. Looking for a host with cheap web packages? Because we've been in the web development business since 1997, we've had the occasion to work with several web hosting providers. Some have been great, while others have been abysmally bad. Read "What to Consider When Choosing a Web Host" below. We also invite you to join our newsletter mailing list. You'll get dozens of free tips and articles on how to get your web site hosted and promoted.

Cheap Hosting Web Packages Comparison Chart

The table below is a list of reputable web hosts that are in the business of hosting cheap web packages. Each of the services listed provides a unique, quality web hosting solution. Liquid Apogee Designs highly recommends each hosting company listed. Click on the "Review" links to get our thoughts about each hosting solution provider.

HostDisk SpaceTrafficPrice/MonthReviewVisit
IX Web Hosting20 GB300 GB $6.45 Review Visit
Blue Host15 GB400 GB $6.95 Review Visit
StartLogic15 GB250 GB $4.95 Review Visit
Lunarpages5000 MB400 GB $6.95 Review Visit
iPowerWeb10 GB250 GB $7.95 Review Visit
Omnis1000 MB100 GB $6.95 Review Visit
PowWeb5000 MB300 GB $7.77 Review Visit
EasyCGI3000 MB50 GB $7.96 Review Visit
Yahoo!2000 MB25 GB $11.95 Review Visit
MidPhase3000 MBunlimited $7.95 Review Visit
InMotion4000 MB50 GB $7.95 Review Visit
Apollo1000 MB50 GB $7.96 Review Visit
Host Rocket1000 MB50 GB $6.95 Review Visit
BizHosting200 MB5 GB $21.95 Review Visit
FreeServers1000 MB20 GB $7.99 Review Visit

Low Cost Web Hosting Services

We've taken the time (so you don't have to) to research and create relationships with web hosting companies that provide low cost web hosting services. Low cost should not be your only consideration. There are several important factors in chosing a web hosting solution.

What to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

  1. How reliable is the web hosting service?
    Most web hosting providers quote anywhere between 95% - 99% up time. This is the amount of time that the hosting provider guarantees that your web site will be up and running. Unfortunately not all low cost web hosting services actually are up 95% - 99% of the time. It takes a little digging to find out the real up time. Liquid Apogee has done this research for you. IX Web Hosting, BlueHost, StartLogic, and Yahoo! Small Business hosting all offer great low cost web hosting services that are very reliable.

  2. What kind of performance (speed) can I expect?
    Look for one or more T3 lines that are always connected to the Internet in the hosting company specifications. This type of connection to the internet will ensure that your site is delivered quickly to your web site visitors. We recommend IX Web Hosting, Blue Host, Start Logic, and Yahoo! Small Business hosting.

  3. How much bandwidth will I need for data transfer?
    Most small to medium sized businesses will never come close to the bandwidth limits that most low cost web hosting services offer. If your business eventually exceeds the bandwidth limits of your hosting package it is very simple to upgrade to another web package. This is the kind of problem you want to have - lots of web site traffic. IX Web Hosting, Blue Host, Start Logic, and Yahoo! Small Business hosting all provide you plenty of bandwidth. Blue Host in particular boasts 100GB of transfer per month, all for only $6.95/month with FREE setup. MidPhase Hosting offers unlimited transfer. Remember that most small to medium sized businesses won't ever reach their host's traffic limit.

  4. How good is the technical support? Can you contact technical support right now?
    We've worked with hosting companies that didn't reply to our support requests for up to 6 months! Why didn't we move hosts? We finally did after we were able to salvage one of our sites. A good thing to do is call the technical support of the hosting companies that you are considering. Low cost web hosting doesn't have to mean poor quality or non-existent support. Easy access to technical support at your low cost web hosting provider is essential. Technical support should be accessible 24/7/365 via toll free phone and email. IX Web Hosting, Blue Host, Start Logic, Lunarpages, Yahoo! Small Business hosting, and MidPhase Hosting are all recommended.

  5. Does the web host automatically backup customer web sites in case of data loss? How often?
    Backing up web sites should be a routine part of your web host's operation. Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or any other catastrophe. Not all low cost web hosting solutions provide this service as often as they should. Look for daily or at the very least weekly backups. We prefer daily backups.

  6. Does the web host provide the features that you need for your web site?
    Make sure you understand what features you need in a web host provider. Will your site be composed of several static .html pages, or is your site database driven? Understanding all the requirements of your web site will ensure that you don't purchase a cheap hosting solution that can't support your needs. Liquid Apogee Web Development can help you determine what features you will need from a web hosting company. Low cost web hosting services can usually meet the needs of small to medium sized business. IX Web Hosting offers a great set of features for a great price.

  7. How about the company's software?
    Many web hosting companies offer software and other tools to help you create your web site. These tools can be very helpful for novice and beginner web developers. Read the hosting package features closely. Common tools include CPanel, Frontpage Extensions, and Plesk. Liquid Apogee can help you determine the tools you need to administer your site. Again we recommend IX Web Hosting.

  8. POP3 email IDs & Aliases? is an example of a POP3 ID. Nothing says "amateur" or "non-professional" more than giving an email address to your clients like Choose a hosting solution that provides you many if not unlimited POP3 email IDs. Most low cost web hosting providers offer unlimited POP3 IDs. All of the hosts we've reviewed above provide plenty of email accounts.

  9. Web Statistics?
    Analysis of your website visitor behavior plays a key role in the success of your website business. Most low cost web hosting providers offer some form of web visitor statistics. At a minimum look for a hosting plan that offers referrer logs and unique visitor counts. Referrer logs enable you to track from which sites your visitors are coming to your site. This is key information in your advertising campaigns.

  10. Cost?
    Recently, hosting cheap web packages has been the focus of several low cost web hosting services. Providing cheap web packages allows the consumer to quickly develop a web site and launch it with minimal expense. However, not all cheap web hosting packages are equal. Considering the factors mentioned above is essential when selecting a web host. Liquid Apogee Designs can recommend several low cost web hosting services.

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