Explode Your Internet Traffic With Blogs and RSS Feeds

Explode Your Internet Traffic With Blogs and RSS Feeds
 by: Craig Desorcy

What would you give to see your web traffic increase drastically? Now let me do my best salesman impression, and say that not only can you watch your net traffic explode, but you can do it today! Why wait? Okay, you?re probably wondering how much this bunch of hype is going to lift from your wallet, right? The answer is that you can employ a simple strategy, sit back and watch the fireworks as your web traffic goes through the roof absolutely free of charge. That?s right totally free - and we?re not talking no payments until.....we?re talking about no payments ever!

Now most of us know that ?free? things usually have a catch. Adam felt that way too. The first time he heard his friends talking about getting their sites indexed on Yahoo! within hours and without paying any fees, he secretly rolled his eyes. After all, he?d heard quite a few of their hair-brained schemes that had led nowhere. This time he was a bit surprised when his best friend Nick?s web traffic went absolutely wild. Nick?s unchecked gloating finally got Adam?s goat, and he grudgingly admitted that, ?Hey, maybe there was something to it.?

Adam spent some time actually researching RSS feeds and was quite surprised to see how wide open the idea was. Less than 100,000 web sites across the globe were employing the use of blogs and RSS feeds. He began madly calculating that number when compared with the more than 6 billion web sites, and decided he?d get busy learning all about these new marketing tools. The harvest was ripe, and the reapers were few!

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RSS feeds and blogs are indeed the latest rage in marketing techniques for the Internet. Simple and easy to use, their appeal is doubly enhanced by the fact that they virtually provide free advertising. Search engines love RSS feeds and blogs because the information changes often. They will return again and again to your web site to soak up the latest information.

So what if you?re technically challenged? You don?t have to be a web designer or marketing guru to employ these tools! The ability to type is the most necessary skill for implementing RSS feeds and blogs. In fact, if you use the hunt and peck typing method, who will know? You simply need to supply your readers with a few paragraphs of material periodically, and let the search engines do the rest.

This article was posted on February 05, 2005

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